Finding an OB-Gyne in Manila

Hello dear!

It is a great day knowing how much God loves us.

Everlasting Love


I want to share with you on how I was able to find my ever loving OB-Gyne, Dr. Concepcion Pijuan-Alfiler of The Medical City. 🙂

How would you know if she is THE ONE?


01 Feb 2015

I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. I was so flooded with different emotions upon seeing those two lines on the pregnancy test. Yay!!! We’re having a baby!!!


02 Feb 2015

We went to Healthway Clinic in Market Market! Taguig to have my initial check up. We waited for an hour… (tick tock)… waited for another thirty minutes… okay, my turn! Dr. Sahagun was the OB-Gyne who will look at me. He asked me when my last menstruation was, I told him the date… He gave me folic acid to drink, asked me to have my ultrasound outside. Five minutes, I’m done. As I was not satisfied with the way the checkup went, I go online to look for another OB Gyne.

I have read about Dr. Alfiler in several other mommy blogpost. And those people who talked about her in the blogs seemed to really have a genuine love for the female doctor. I told my husband about the new OB-Gyne and he seemed okay to give it a try. 🙂


14 Feb 2015

Saturday. V-day!!! We will celebrate Valentines Day with the little one in my tummy. Dr. Connie Alfiler’s clinic schedule during Saturdays are only from 9am-12nn (for new patients). We are so excited for the checkup, we are already waiting outside the doctor’s clinic by as early as 8am! 😀

Dr. Connie came at around 9am. She is fond of wearing white, clean dresses which reminds me of Jodi Sta. Maria’s character in Pangako Sayo, Amor Powers.

First to do was a trans-v ultrasound to check the baby’s condition. He has a heartbeat! Hearing it for the first time was a fabulous experience for us first time parents-to-be.

After the ultrasound, hubby and I had a talk with Dr. Connie. What I read about her is true! She is such a caring doctor, motherly in nature. She layed down everything that I need to do and what I need to avoid.

Only three drinks are allowed: water, milk, and fresh fruit juice (limited serving because of its sugar content)

Avoid raw foods (Sashimi is out!), processed foods, and fish with high mercury content (deep sea fish)- mackerel, tuna, etc.

I was sad to know that blue cheese is also on the forbidden list.

Do not use dark colored undies.

No nail polish, hair coloring, hair treatments, and the likes.

Do not use feminine wash or day pads.

Check cosmetics – do not use those with retinoin. (I use Happy Skin Cosmetics and I absolutely loved it!) 

The whole checkup took about an hour of good discussion with the loving doctor. 🙂 We absolutely adore her!!!

My husband and I then knew that she is THE ONE. 😀






Dr. Concepcion Pijuan-Alfiler holds clinic at Room 814 in Medical Plaza Ortigas Building. You may call her clinic at (02)6374894 for her updated clinic schedule.




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