Dear Caitie

Dear Caitie,

I felt so heavy hearted when I heard the news of your passing. You may not know me, but I am an avid follower of your father’s works since 2013. Since then, I was able to saw your pictures in his social media account.

Can I just say that I love your smile? You are like a sunflower that is so vibrant, your smile can light up any room. Your energy is so contagious, it radiates from your photos. You are so full of life. That is why your sickness came to me as a shock…

I admire your strength. You are a very courageous girl. All that you’ve been through, you carry all the load with a smile on your face. Most of us adults can learn a thing or two from you on how to live life.

Please ask Jesus to comfort your mommy and daddy, too. I could not fathom the pain that they must be feeling right now. A child like you is priceless and you can never be replaced in your parents’ hearts. They must’ve missed you a lot.

But we do not know God’s plans… When I saw your daddy’s

” target=”_blank”>post today, I realized that God might have used your life to let a lot of people know about Jesus. Sometimes, we do not understand how God’s hands work. He may not give us the miracle of you overcoming this bad illness, but it can be through you that many people will receive the miracle of a new life in Christ.

You’ve been through so much pain and suffering, yet you managed to flash your dazzling smile. You lived an amazing life and deeply touched our lives. You will never be forgotten.

Rest now, little angel. Rest in the arms of your creator.