The Start of My Breastfeeding Journey

Hi there!

Every mom needs another mom for support. As they say, great things happen when women support each other (Hurray!). So in this post, I just wanted to share with you a peek at my breastfeeding journey. As of the moment, I am still exclusively breastfeeding my six-month old baby boy.

Before I gave birth to my little one last September 2015, I was advised by my doctor to start preparing for my breastfeeding journey up to at least two years. I told myself, “Yeah, I can do that!” It was only when I gave birth when I realized on what a struggle it is!

My Ob-Gyne, Dr. Concepcion Alfiler, told me to attend the free breastfeeding sessions conducted at Medical City. The group handling these quarterly seminars is L.A.T.C.H. Even if you are not going to give birth at Medical City, you can still attend this forum, you can just call and reserve a seat. I was told by the Medical City receptionist that their sessions are always a blockbuster! and boy! when I attended last September, the hall is really full-packed! The topics they discussed start from the basics of breastfeeding (the perfect latch, correct positions, etc.) up to the time you will need to leave the baby at home to go to work. The knowledge that I have gained through the experiences of these wonderful mommas had been a great help for me to stay committed to breastfeeding.

The start of this wonderful journey happened when my husband and I firmly decided to breastfeed our baby and I find it essential to equip myself with a stock of knowledge to stick with this commitment.

Happy latching!




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